Working method

‘Entrance to Dovedale’


A large studio painted watercolour using an imperial sized sheet (30″ x 22.5″) of 300 lbs NOT Arches watercolour paper.

A detailed drawing is lightly delineated over which initial washes of colour are laid in. The sky is built up with overlaid washes of Winsor blue leaving areas of white paper for the brightest clouds. Shadows in the clouds are made with Winsor blue and scarlet lake. The background landscape is laid in with French ultramarine, yellow ochre and burnt sienna.
The shadowed landscape and trees are worked on and brought to a high degree of finish. Initial transparent washes are overlaid with increased levels of pigmentation using ultramarine, cadmium yellow and yellow ochre.
The scree slope is applied with a light wash which is allowed to dry. Shadows are made with ultramarine and venetian red using a dry brush technique. The side of the brush loaded with pigment is lightly dragged across the paper allowing it's texture to give a broken effect.
The fields are washed in and foreground trees are built up with numerous washes of ultramarine, Winsor blue and cadmium yellow with some careful use of black in the shadows.
The foreground is completed and additional washes are laid over much of the painting to achieve the final effect, deepening and enriching any areas that appeared to be washed out. The distant sheep are scraped out with a blade whilst the foreground fence posts are lifted out with a paper towel after first wettting them. The gate is made by painting the background field leaving white paper for the metal bars which then have a light wash applied.

The painting is now complete.